FiSCHER Akkumulatorentechnik GmbH puts new adventure space for emergency and safety lighting into operation

Last week we were able to put another highlight into operation in the new company building. The newly built adventure space offers visitors the opportunity to confront themselves with situations that illustrate why a functional, standard-compliant emergency lighting system can save lives.
By means of a realistic simulation of a building evacuation, visitors can experience the effectiveness and benefits of emergency lighting live. Different scenarios and a mixture of reality and illusion convey the possibilities, but also the limitations of different emergency lighting solutions. An experience that will be remembered for a long time.



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Visiting the adventure space you experience live:

  • The feeling that arises when emergency and safety lighting is missing
  • What it feels like when the escape route is illuminated with 0.5 lx (moonlight) but there is no signposting
  • That fire-fighting equipment can be overlooked even if the escape route is illuminated with 1 lx
  • What advantage do standard-compliant escape signs have in a smoky escape route
  • How easy it is to follow an escape route if it is signposted and illuminated in accordance with standards
  • Why it makes sense to use more than one luminaire in an escape route, even if this is not necessary according to a lighting calculation
  • Why every interior, trapped room should be equipped with emergency lighting

The new adventure space is now available for participants of our workshops and interested trade visitors. If you are interested, please contact us:

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