Our objective in the development of new products is always a maximum of usability at low cost. On today’s construction sites, flexibility is often essential, especially when individual trades fall behind schedule or necessary changes alter the planned sequence of work. For this reason, we have decided to include a set of interchangeable pictograms in the common arrow directions with our escape sign luminaires. In the packaging of a FiSCHER escape sign luminaire you will always find the pictograms “arrow left”, “arrow right”, “arrow down” and “arrow up”.
For our customers, this not only reduces the time required in the planning phase, as the assignment of the appropriate pictograms is no longer necessary, but also eliminates the risk of an incorrect order. Even thinking into the future, flexibility is maintained. If the layout of your escape routes changes due to renovation or conversion work, and thus possibly also the direction of escape, then you can adapt these immediately with the help of the matching pictogram provided.

Special pictograms:

Special pictogram sets