Sustainability and Environment

Sustainability and environment – Clean production due to clean raw materials

Sustainability is a principle of action for the use of resources, in which the preservation of the essential characteristics, stability and natural regenerative capacity of the respective system is at the forefront. To ensure that your safety is not at the expense of the environment, we consistently use recyclable materials in the production of our safety and escape sign luminaires. The plastics and metals used are completely recycled and do not have to be disposed of at great expense.

Many years before the sales ban for NiCd accumulators came into effect, we decided to exclusively use ecologically compatible NiMH accumulators in our single-battery luminaires. Special features of NiMH batteries are a much higher energy density and the associated better power output. A positive effect for the environment!

The use of modern LED technology is worthwhile in several ways. It provides:

  • A better illumination
  • Fewer luminaires needed
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Ease of installation
  • A much lower energy requirement