ZVEI Membership


The ZVEI Lighting Association represents the interests of the lighting industry in the fields of economics and marketing, technology, and standardisation as well as environmental policy. To this end, it maintains contact with other associations, non-governmental organisations, ministries, and parliamentarians in Germany and Europe. Based on the exchange of experience in numerous bodies and committees, statements on important industry topics are prepared. Comprehensive and joint marketing is conducted via the industry initiative licht.de. The wide range of offers includes the website www.licht.de, the licht.wissen, and licht.foren publications. Other public relations activities, such as the company’s own roadshows and lectures at events organized by other associations and institutions, are aimed at a wide variety of target groups and completes the range of services.
In the area of technology, the trade association provides significant support for the FNL in DIN, which focuses on developing lighting standards. Through the coordination of CEN TC 169, the trade association occupies a leading position in European lighting standardisation. Cooperation with the VDE Testing Institute for joint events and the development of technical positions helps members to apply test standards.

The Lighting Association is a member of the European LightingEurope association. The working groups AGLV (Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Lampenverwerter), LINECT and DALI (Digital Adressable Lighting Interface) with international membership are also supervised by the Lighting Trade Association.