AT3 Add-on

Self-maintained luminaires with acoustic error messaging provide patented safety.
With the AT3 add-on, the test time can be flexibly adapted to the required situation.

DIN V VDE 0108-100-1:2018-12 CONFORMITY

The protection goal of the new DIN V VDE 0108-100-1:2018-12 is the central monitoring function of self-maintained luminaires. This requirement results not least on the knowledge that self-maintained luminaires can be a safety risk. In practice it has turned out, that these safety devices are often not regularly checked and maintained after installation as required by DIN V VDE 0108-100-1:2018-12. We generally welcome the new protection goal, but it should be noted that a central monitoring device in small objects can be disproportionate when only 1-3 luminaires are used.
The FiSCHER AT2/3 technology has been addressing the lack of maintenance of self-maintained luminaires since 2012 by using an acoustic signal in the event of a fault in addition to the well-known visual error message. By including another human sense, a maximum of safety can be achieved and in small objects (up to approx. 20 lights) a central monitoring device is not necessary.


This update for self-maintained luminaires with Self-Control (SC) offers not only the setting of the test time but also increased safety due to the acoustic error message as known from AT2 technology.


This add-on is specially adapted to our patented AT2 technology. Simply equip your AT2 luminaire with the pluggable chip to use AT3 technology.